3D modelling industrial objects

Looking for the quality and precise 3D modelling? Check out this video about modelling wider and closer relationships between objects. Visualisation of a 3D model in actual reality, e.g. preheater tower, mill hall.

BIM and other products

What is BIM, or building information modeling? Watch this products presentation video to understand what we do and how BIM is helping the industry to more efficiently design, build and operate buildings and infrastructure.

DEVELOPER Inspector application

Brings you a new ways how to show and compare your projects under construction in time, without the need to be on the site. It gives you access to your data anytime, anywhere from your device. Recommended for builders, developers, architects, spatial planners and others. Please see our educational video for the free application that is available for Desktop, Android and iOS.

Aerial UAV imaging and terrestrial scanning of cultural monument

What is the result of aerial UAV imaging and terrestrial scanning?
See one of the options like detection of damaged areas, georeferenced orthomosaic, creation of 2D documentation, virtual tour
and look at cultural monuments from another level.